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Sara, a young girl, walks into a hospital. At the reception desk, she is sent to the waiting room. She waits for the doctor. When he appears, he ignores her and closes the door on her. Another patient enters the waiting room. He has a visible affliction, contrary to Sara. He has a head wound, with stuffing leaking out like an old teddy bear. The doctor invites him into his office. Sara goes to the reception desk to complain. They give her a magazine to kill time. A new patient, with a broken arm enters the waiting room en gets immediatly helped by the doctor. The girl returns to the reception desk and gets ignored again because she has no visible defects. When she looks in the mirror, she sees herself full of needles. And thats how she feels. Eventually, Sara has enough. She sneaks into an operating theatre to perform an operation on herself. The doctor sees her new body and invites her into his office to be treated.





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