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In a city that could be anywhere in the world, there are buttons in the streets. The people in the city pay hardly any attention to the buttons; for them they are part of ordinary life.

A businessman in a hurry on his way to work also ignores the buttons, until a mysterieus red glow lights up and stops him dead in his tracks. He looks at the glow, contemplates something. Then he pushes the nearest button.

The button sends a signal to elsewhere in the city, where a different red glow lights up the streets. A girl in a coffeeshop and a family on an evening stroll both get confronted with the red glow and both press a button.

Everytime a button is pressed there is a chain reaction. Everytime, a different person sees the red licht and pushes a button in response. As a result, a new glow lights up in another part of the town.
It is revealed that the red glow comes from big billboards scattered across the city, that light up at the push of a button. The billboards say things like ‘push the button’, and ‘push it!’. It is a vicious circle of pushing and being told to push, with no end and no purpose. But the townspeople still mindlessly continue to push the buttons.




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