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Mixed Media Project is a group multimedia project. Shadow theater, a soundscape of voices and music, and a split-screen of visuals projected on white curtain, in order to have both live and recorded performances intertwined and play off of each others. Kids film and get filmed. Who’s the stranger between us? Who’s not understanding who? How much space do we allow to fun? The themes we researched were connection, understanding, prospective and transitoriness. Children were our main character though the true protagonist was the often difficult relation between kids and adults and where and how can these two world, two phases of life conjunct, rejoin and add to each others' prospective.

Mind the gap is an individual visual work on perspective, in the shape of a collage. The idea behind it was to investigate this elusive theme by walking through the neighborhood of Molenbeek both as a small child and an old person, instead of my usual 27 years-old self.

Negligible is a collage/notebook. It talks about routine and serendipity, my personal attempt to collect bits and pieces of life I’ve casually found on the streets of Molenbeek, to document and investigate the transitory quality of my 3-weeks-long relationship with the place and its people, to give value to all that’s negligible.





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