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●Beatboxing = I like beatboxing & i have a friends who do beatboxing and when I'm with one of my friend he to use do boxing to entertain us or sometimes we do make a join called live on Instagram and most of the people next to us like friends try to sing on his beatbox vocal. Sometimes seeing my doing beatboxing on the neighbourhood it might annoy the neighbors, but it won't kill his vocal cords.

● Beatboxing dates back centuries, to the tabla bols used in North Indian music that were used to imitate the tabla drums. other forms of vocal percussion have evolved since then, including the intentionally raspy vocal quality used in African spiritual music to the scatting and bass hums in jazz and blues music.

●Beatbox is a musical style and technique based on the vocal imitation of percussion sounds They were both rhyming, and I was more into break-dancing and beatboxing

●My reason why we should care beatboxing. Beatboxing not only teaches your child a greater sense of timing and rhythm, it also improves listening skills and can actually work to strengthen and protect his or her vocal cords. What's more, it will widen your child's musical scope, which will improve creativity and overall musicianship....I believe that beatboxing can be used on movies or TV show to back or give an good impression audio quality production sounds like a software on a developer show case where are your budget of expenditure will go down instead of paying for instruments or equipment then you can use one or two person for sound use their voice vocal on it




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