Mister Nonek

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Mister Nonek is a duty-conscious tax inspector who collects taxes from his ivory tower and writes reminders to the people in the city. The summer has disappeared for a few years now and the everlasting winter ensures that people barely get out and therefore no longer bother to lift their mail. When his servant also gives up, Mister Nonek has to post his reminder letters by post. He ends up on the way to the post office in the forgetting pit. There he comes across various characters, each of whom has fallen into the forgetfulness for a different reason. The weatherman has forgotten because the weather is still the same and nobody is looking at the weather forecast. The collector, together with his collection, ended up in forgetfulness because his collection is complete and he is no longer a collector but an owner. Nal, the forgotten childhood love of Mister Nonek has been forgotten because Nonek was too busy with his work and himself. None of all these characters can help him find a letterbox to get his reminder letters to the people. His depressed mother is also well tucked away somewhere in a boarded up forgotten house that is about to be demolished by the workers of the forget well. Mister Nonek encourages everyone to tell his mother memories about the summer, so that she can be happy again and that way they can free her. But just in time they manage to redeem his mother and Mister Nonek decides not to send reminders to the people above, but to write reminders with memories of the summer. In both the forgetful pit and in the city, winter is driven away by summer and people come out again, smile back and have fun again.





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