Film on Vimeo (free): “Hacking for the Commons”

Nowadays, IT is at the heart of almost all human activity. Has it helped
to make us more autonomous or has it transformed us into the passive
consumers of a market which has become global? We are not even aware that, at the heart of technology, two rationales are now clashing:

since the 80’s, free software movements, motivated by their emancipatory
principles, have begun to attack the exclusive and “private” ones defending
intellectual property rights. Free software, free seeds, free medicines, free knowledge… Focusing on freedom, cooperation and sharing, these movements aim to restore the user’s autonomy and power, leading to a world free of patents, for the benefit of the common good.

Find the documentary “Hacking for the Commons”, that we showed during our research-week at the RITCS, still streamable on the Vimeo-channel of it’s author Philippe Borrel:

Hacking for the Commons
Philippe Borrel, 2019, 87 min.