Through art we care

Visual exerpt from the publication “Through art we care”

Should art be good for you?

Does theatre make you a better person?

Get “Through Art We Care” at MoBo and read what Erica Fischer-Lichte thinks about Applied Theatre.

Try Bakalov’s Body Sensing Routine,

breath yourself though Michael Schmid’s Breathcore.

Through art we care.

Art Paper Editions 2019, 181 pages. Editor: Bouez, Wouter & Rodeyns, Julie

A project by V.U.B., IN/FINITY, TOPAZ, KMSKB &, w.e.m.m.e.l., b.r.e.l.

How can artists create open mental, social and physical spaces in care? What happens when art meets (health)-care? This book takes a closer look at the work of professional artists engaging in a dialogue with healthcare facilities. Although their artistic trajectories are very different, we can discover a common ground in those artists’ interests and approaches, as well as in how the patients, the caregivers and the artists themselves experience their presence in this healthcare context. They are connected by a focus on ‘caring’ rather than ‘curing’. Human relations and connections are essential to the work of many contemporary artists, and they bring this focus with them when entering a healthcare setting or working with people who are especially vulnerable. This book highlights the importance of a dialogue between all parties involved in art-health collaborations, in which each listens to the others’ stories, opinions and approaches. The different chapters in this book highlight various perspectives and represent an open, ongoing conversation between artists, medical staff, art-mediators and patients. They also present an invitation to you to join the conversation.