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Gepubliceerd op 2017-05-19
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Camille Claeyssens is a woman passionated by everything that is related to the sea. Her dad used to be a sailor and she grew up in Yerseke, a village in Zealand. After she studied interior design she entered a consumption focussed world. The constant pressure of being successful made her depressed and burn out. When her dad, a man who lived his life to the fullest, got very ill and was close to his end, she promised him to become happy and start enjoying life like he had always done. She quit her job, left Antwerp and moved backt to her roots. In Yerseke she decides to only spend time doing things she loves, and that is everything that has to do with the sea and especially seafood. She starts a business that evolves around loading her little car with oysters from the Oosterschelde to convince the people in Antwerp that oysters do not have to be a luxurious product but are accessible for anyone.




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